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Autor: Jana Harris | 19.6.2005 o 10:30 | Karma článku: 10,90 | Prečítané:  7318x

You asked me so many times what I am writing about in my blog. You don’t have to do it today. Today is our second wedding day, so just relax and before you will say again I will marry you... I would like you to read this. 

One year ago I couldn’t believed that it’s really our big day. Today I can only think of how happy I am, when I am waking up every morning next to you. How happy I am, that you are still kissing me right before I am going to sleep. Your lips are warm and your eyes are smiling. Just like when you kissed me for the first time. {Nothing has changed...} How great is to know, that if I have hard time to find the right English words, you always know what I want to say. You know what is on my mind and in my heart. I must laught. I used to be scared that we will have much more problems to communicate... But you really know what Iam thinking about and what do I feel. Just like I know what is on your mind. This is what I love about us.

I am still kind of surprised. I never dreamed of somebody like you. I never dreamed that I will meet somebody, who will be brave enough to ask me. You did it just after couple months. That night I had a such gret sleep. From that day on everyday was like that. I felt even greater on our wedding day. I felt how much this means to us. I saw it in the deep of yours eyes and heard it in loud beating of my heart. 

I enjoy time with you sooo much...
All those summer nights, which we spent in our first home by the lake.
All those long hours, which we spent on the way across the country.
All those moments of fun, when you are trying to be all those men, which I like.
All those mornings, when you are hugging me in bed.
All those times, when you are trying to make me smile, even if I am not in mood.

Most importantly I want you to know, that I can't imagine nobody else by my side. I can't see nobody else, who would give me so much as YOU, Kolacik
Milujem Ta muchooo

Happy Anniversary
                                         your blazniva manzelka Jana

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